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This site is created for Testing and Demonstration purposes.

Demos are refreshed and replaced periodically. No backups are made.

In case of technical problems mail to: mail@surveyproject.org

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These sites are for testing and demonstration purposes only. All data entered and used are public and unsecured. Never use for production purposes.


  • Introduction

    The Survey™ Project Demo site gives access to a live production like version of the survey tool [v.2.5].

    Once logged in you will have many of the authorisations of an "administrator" to try and test the Survey™ application.

    For maintenance and security reasons not all features are available in this demo. You should however get a good impression of the different features of the Survey™ tool.

  • Access

    Survey™ Demo login:

    username: demo
    password: SPdemo_1

    Click to get started:

  • Helpfiles

    Helpfiles are part of the Survey™ tool. Use menu Help or click the help-buttons). More information can be found at the Survey™ Project sites.

  • Survey Results

    To check the results of your own work on the demo Survey see the "Campaigns/Preview" menuoption.

    NOTE: dont forget to ACTIVATE the survey (settings).

  • Languages

    The culture/ language setting of your webbrowser determine the language used to present webpage texts. The default Survey™ language used is English [en-US].

    You can switch languages by changing browser settings (option: languages). English, German, Dutch, Turkish, French are fully supported.
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